Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fall, 2011 A New Being A New Venue A New BLOG! Please join me.

 Hello, Blog Readers,

You may notice that all of the archives have been deleted from this blog.  I have them in digital files, but I have removed them from the blog page.  Some will be included in a book "in the works" and some will just wait in the archives, in case I need to refer to them in the future.

The blog READING AS AN ART AND AS A SCIENCE has been posted for three college semesters.  It was open to the public, but the primary contributors were students in my college reading class.  This experience was a great one.  I learned about myself, my students and about reading and books - my likes and dislikes; what I avoided and what I sought out for reading material.

I put some emphasis on the Digital World because that is an important part of life in the 21st century.

I taught two sections of the course entitled, American Cinema, a history of American Film and American culture reflected in film.  I loved teaching the course.  Students loved it, also.  It was so popular that I taught two sections.  There was an administrative change in the college and my teaching of the course was cancelled to arise again in another department that was not interested in my teaching the course any further.  Most of us like to see films and many of us want to teach about film.  It was a political move within the collegial institution and I lost.  That is life.

Now, with the severe economic situation in the state of California and the severe cutbacks in courses for community college students, I am in danger of losing this last course that I enjoy teaching so much.  I designed this course for the RCC On-line Academy.  I cherish it.  Because I have concerns about losing this final course, Reading for Academic Success, I have created a new blog, where I will address Contemporary American culture.  It is open to the world wide web; I welcome everyone's post.

Throughout my new postings, I will post something that I want my students to read, so they are an integral part of this blog, but I hope that everyone will become involved in this conversation.

I have broadened the focus of the new blog to include films and digital media as well as books.  I hope that you become involved.

The address for my new blog is posted here.  It follows the title of the new blog:



I hope to hear from you on the new blog.  I have been very busy this summer and I am looking forward to sharing some new ideas with you.  Take care, keep in touch, and remember to make this day count!

Dr. C. Wylldestar